Table Manager Support

Table Manager Support
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restricted access 05.02.2015 00:24

i have create table mysql, table (table manager) , menu association and make all the parameters for addin delete and edit record and field

all works good but in public mode , if im connected via jomsocial nothing work

do you have an issue

i cant use in public mode for database access

best regards


Re: restricted access 05.02.2015 11:03

table manager is not related to jomsocial in any way, and its not dependant on it either. If table manager is working ok on your site, then we should discard any issue related to the extension. We are not sure if nothing works means you see an error on your page, if table is not loading, or configuration not applying... we suggest to check first if when you enable or login with jomsocial your site shows any javascript error. The table loads when everything else on the page has loaded properly, so a previous javascript crash can cause the initialization to stop.

If you're not sure how to look for js errors, please open a ticket at the helpdesk and share your url/access, we'll take a look.

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team
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