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Editing Table from frontend 14.02.2014 02:06

When I try to edit an item and click the checkmark it just keeps spinning and spinning and never saves. Also, can I hide the editing from the public and have it only be seen by admin?

This is the page:

Edited by moon_1477 - 14.02.2014 02:06

Re: Editing Table from frontend 14.02.2014 11:29

you can create several views of the same table, one with edition rights and the other one readonly for all fields. Then you can create different menu entries, and use joomla acl to show one menu only for admin and the other one only for public in order to get different access permissions to your data.

We've tried debug directly on your page to track the origin of your issue, but it doesn't seem a problem of the frontend, we'd need to enable debugger to have a more detailed message about the error. Please open a private ticket at the helpdesk and share an access to your site so we can take a look.

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Editing Table from frontend 12.10.2014 21:22


Can u give please an example here?
This is not working for me - as when i create an new Table of the same source - its not editable by the admin.

Re: Editing Table from frontend 13.10.2014 20:43

in order to make an editable table you only need to select the source, and configurate the fields with the proper editable type for each one. Go to fields, assign the types, and then publish this menu only available for admin users.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team
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