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Delete single record? 11.11.2013 22:06


I've purchased your product and I think it's very good. But how can I delete single records?
I can switch on the option: "Allow Delete Records" in Config/fields, but then everyone can delete my records? Is there a possibility, that only the administrator can delete single records?

Or am I just too blind?

Kind regards


Re: Delete single record? 12.11.2013 10:14

if you configure your table with 'allow delete records', the option will be available for any user accesing the page. So, in order to configure different profile access, you can create a couple of table manager tables pointing to the same database table. Configure only one of them to allow delete and/or edit, and configure that menu entry available only for administrator. Then add a second menu available only for public, this time pointing to the non-editable table view. Users will see only one menu entry, users will use the basic table, while administrator will access the editable table, using a menu entry which is (apparently) the same.

Please let us know if you need more help to configure this.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Delete single record? 12.11.2013 22:59


Thank you very much for this smart Solution! Very good.

Another Topic, is there a possibility to add the time of the day in one column and sort by that? So not date, time.

My problem... I want to use the Table for a Karaoke-Party, my guests shall be able to see, when which song will be played. So I would use the first column for Time, second for title of the song, third for artist and fourth for singer...

Is it possible?

Thank you!


Ok, to sort is no problem. But how can i change, that it sorts automatically? I used edit/config/data records and then order... But it does not effect? Wenn i order at the page it works, but I want it to order by loading the page... Am I to dumb?



Edited by moon_1316 - 12.11.2013 23:06

Edited by moon_1316 - 12.11.2013 23:06

Re: Delete single record? 13.11.2013 09:59

yes, we have detected an issue when using default order affecting some versions of joomla. Please upgrade to v 0.2.2 and try again the default ordering.

Best regards
Moonsoft Team
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