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How add (embed) Calc module to Joomla article 15.11.2012 10:17


I need more information this. Inside an article you should use {loadposition XXX} where XXX is the custom position(1) we have defined for the module. How i can find XXX ?

Re: How add (embed) Calc module to Joomla article 15.11.2012 11:03

first step is check your module configuration (Module Manager->Calcbuilder). You will see the parameter 'position', which you can fill selecting one of the positions available for your template, or write down any other custom position.
In order to include the module inside an article, you should enter a new custom position, for ex:


save the module and go to article content. Now you can include

{loadposition mypositionforcalc}

inside the article content.

This will include the module at the required location inside the article.

Hope this helps, regards
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