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CalcBuilder Customisation 26.04.2012 14:09


I know we have had a few threads in the past...

Can you quote me to do some customisation of calcbuilder?

I need...

Secure PDF output
Results stored against a logged in Joomla user
Option for results only to sent via PDF i.e. not on screen
Data stored in MySQL table for statistical analyses/export later

I've got a demo of our code so far if it helps.

Many thanks!

Re: CalcBuilder Customisation 27.04.2012 09:31


For Custom request we prefer to follow this thread by email ( Please send us in this email :

- What type of security: Do you need password for PDF? allow printing?...
- Do you need any administration tool for backend or only data stored in database?.

And if you have any question or if you want to be more specific in requirements, please also write us an email.

Thanks. Regards,

Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team
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