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After click Calculate nothing happens 23.04.2012 22:19

After clicking calculate the space where the results are supposed to show up drops down then slides back up and no results are shown. What is happening??

To see example please go to

Re: After click Calculate nothing happens 24.04.2012 13:10

we've been trying to visit your example page, but at this time remain unpublished, and we can't access. In order to show the output, you should check the layout, to confirm the results you are showing are correctly spelled, regarding the result variables you want to show. You can also try to write some simple test at the output, to check if your issue is related to the data to be shown or to the output itself.
Please contact us at the time the page is accesible and we may see something more on your site.

Best regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: After click Calculate nothing happens 28.04.2012 02:11

The link should work now.

Re: After click Calculate nothing happens 28.04.2012 02:16

I have figured it out, thnak you
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