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Getting names and values from database 14.03.2012 20:09


I have a mysql database with names of cities, each city has a zone value.
Please, help me to write SQL to get list values from database.

MySQL database name is 'tr_bilet'

Table name is 'city_zone'

Columns are 'city' and 'zone'

Thank you!

Re: Getting names and values from database 15.03.2012 09:41


To fill results in option list using SQL you should 'name' columns as follows: To fill value at option list, use 'as mvkey' in SQL sentence and to get view Name use 'mvvalue'

Here are an example of an SQL to get all users from your joomla:

select id as mvkey, name as mvvalue from #__users

So you only have to replace table and column names for the ones on your database.

Hope this helps. Regards,

Moonsoft Team.
Moonsoft Team

Re: Getting names and values from database 15.03.2012 10:43

Thank you! )
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