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Option not shown in drop-down list + comma instead of a dot 01.06.2018 19:32


I have to small problems with my calculator. You can find him here:

If you open it you cannot see an option in the list automatically. It should be great if there is automatically the smallest option (in my case "3" is choosen).
When I choose manually the option in the list I cannot see my entry, the field is empty. By clicking on "calculate" everything works fine. So it looks like that this is only an error in displaying the options.

Here you can find two screenshot where you can see what I mean:

The second problem is about the round function in php. After calculating it might be that the result is not an integer. It could be that the result is 14,72 or something like this. Actually I get a dot for the decimal, but I need an comma. How can I change this?
(Here is also a screenshot for this case:

Thanks for your help.

All the best,

Re: Option not shown in drop-down list + comma instead of a dot 04.06.2018 08:44

the configuration is working properly with the default value, but you have at your page/template any script that is replacing the combobox created by Calcbuilder into another element (div+li), that is not working properly. You can see the default combobox in action (working at your page without external scripts being applied) here:

So we suggest to try another template for a while in order to confirm if its a template issue, so you can ask for support to your template provider.

Regarding result formatting, you can change the format of your results using number_format function, where you can choose the number of decimals, thousands and decimal can find detailed instructions here:

(if you have already the results you can start about minute 3)

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Option not shown in drop-down list + comma instead of a dot 05.06.2018 14:52


thanks for your perfect support. It works great now. Thank you so much.

All the best,
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