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couldn't change input name size 29.02.2012 00:39

I could write only 44 letters into the input-field (name). If I change in administrator / components / com_calcbuilder / views / tmpl / edit.php Linie 228 + 408 from size=10 to size=20 the input-length only is changing. If I write longer sentences and save the documents the letters are cut after 45 letters. I would like to write input name as longer description with several sentenses. Can you help me?
I use Joomla1.5.25
Thank you

Re: couldn't change input name size 29.02.2012 08:46


The limit is in database. You can increase the limit changing column 'name' in 'jos_calcbuilder_utility' table.

Ussually hostings offers a database web administrator such as PhpMyadmin or a control panel. In this administrators you can change size of the column easily.

If you want to do it by SQL script, here you have the sql sentence:
ALTER TABLE `jos_calcbuilder_utility` CHANGE COLUMN `name` `name` VARCHAR(500) NULL DEFAULT NULL ;

Change 500 if you want more size for column.

Hope this helps. Regards,

Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team
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