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Calculator commands 18.10.2011 20:31


Can I just ask, are you able to add 'if' 'elseif' 'and' and 'or' commands into the php code? I know you can normally, but have tried within the calculator and it doesn't seem to like it?

Also, can you use the value of 2 columns matching input to determine an end value in the matrix?

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Re: Calculator commands 18.10.2011 20:31

all valid php code is executed by the calculator, so you can include as many complex lines as you want. If calculate button throws an eval error, then you should check your code to be sure it's valid php.

About the matrix, what you get is an array of values, indexed by first column, so you can loop using foreach, matching values or getting the right fact, all you can get with php functions and operators will work.

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