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Conditional Output 04.06.2017 11:01

Nevertheless, I do have another question.
In my Exit Layout, I have various results that are based upon user's input. In the code section, I have "if / else if / else" function that controls conditional output results. Everything works fine, I get exact results that I want. The problem is - if I export to excel, all result options get exported, not just a correct result from calculation. Could you please help me solve this issue?

Best regards!

Re: Conditional Output 05.06.2017 16:30

the output you will get at the excel or pdf export will depend on the configuration you have set at your 'print preferences' tab. There you can choose if you will export the input form, and/or the outputs, and/or any other custom content including intermediate values. If you want to show exactly the same content you have for your normal output section, just enable the 'include output' switch without any other additional content. This way both the output at the page and the output at the export should be identical. If somehow you get a different result you can share your calculator at your helpdesk and we'll let you know how to configure.

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