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Calculate button error 04.02.2012 21:51


I have downloaded this great tool a few days ago. Luckily, this tools only works on the home page, but not on the targeted page. When I push the calculate button, nothing happens. The result matrix does not show up. I have tried many things and still did not work. Please advise.

Here the link below for my website:


Re: Calculate button error 05.02.2012 10:22

we've checked your site, and found you have your page in error. You have a javascript crash on a previous component, so all javascript stops execution and calcbuilder don't even finish loading. Here is the error we can see from here:

Error: this.container is null
Line: 296

It seems like it can't find the image slider that should be on the page. In fact, all your pages throw this error, except the home, where we can see the slider is executing.

So you should fix this error on your template, and try again the calcbuilder on a free error page.

Hope this helps, best regards
Moonsoft Team
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