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do calc builder have preview option? 13.07.2016 22:03

I saw in video you can preview form after adding fields. But i do not have such option. Could i miss sometihing!?

i see Main Frontend but button is inactive.

Re: do calc builder have preview option? 14.07.2016 10:13

once you add your fields at the field tab, you have 2 ways to see your form. You must save the calculator, and then go to 'form layout' option. There you will find your html editor where you can preview the form, that you can create automatically using the top buttons, probably this is the option you've seen at the video. Once this 'form layout' is saved, you will be able to view your form at your front-end as well.
Not sure which is the button you say is not working, you can send more details and we'll help.

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