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Calculator Issues 09.03.2016 20:45


I’ve tested the calculators and have a few notes:

1) The volume formula returns incorrect calculations. in the example 120 * 12* 12 the volume should be 10 ft3 and not 17 ft3. This will result in an incorrect freight amount when volume is used
2) The insurance amount is not being calculated when "Add Insurance" is selected
3) US calculator results page
a. Change ft3 to cubic feet
b. Change Lbs to pounds
4) UK Calculator – How do I change rate from $15 dollar per additional 1 CUM to $15 per additional 0.1 CUM?

Thank you.

Re: Calculator Issues 10.03.2016 11:21

sorry, we're used to handle volumes in cubic meters and we didn't know the formula to get cubic feet from inches must divide by 1728, we'll correct the formula, the static texts (in the future you can also change the static content at your 'form layout' or 'exit layout' of your calculator), we'll recheck the insurance option and we'll resend the calculator to your email.

Regarding the condition of the uk calculator, if you go to the 'code' tab of the calculator, you'll find at line 68:


you can change it to


to get the result needed. Anyway we'll resend this one modified as well.

If you have further issues, please use the private helpdesk you'll find at your customer area instead of the public forum, so we can discuss privately and share files and code if needed.

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team
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