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Change Email Icon 26.03.2015 02:33

How can we change the email (envelope) icon?

It was relatively easy to simply replace images for the PDF and Excel icons but the Email one seems to be styled differently (css I'm guessing)

Is there a way to upload a different graphic (png, gif, jpg, etc..) and have that displayed instead?


Re: Change Email Icon 26.03.2015 09:21


Email icon span tag is located at JOOMLA/modules/mod_calcbuilder/tmpl/user.php, around line 692. Search for an span with class icon-envelope. You can replace it with an image, other class, etc.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Change Email Icon 01.12.2017 01:34

Sorry to resurrect this over two years later BUT I've just renewed and upgraded calc-buiilder and was hoping to once again replace the PDF and othe ricons...but can't seem to find the code this time (looks like a lot has been refactored in past 24 months)

Re: Change Email Icon 01.12.2017 01:37

Actually....ignore the above.

If I had read the original reply correctly first time I would have been better off
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