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get price from a matrix 15.05.2014 16:37

I want to extract a price value from a matrix (imported from a csv file).
There are two list options: one to choose the width and one to choose the height.
When both are chosen, click the Calculate button to get the price. This price is already in the matrix, so it's not a real calculation, the price is already there in the matrix.
The variable for the width is called 'breedte', for the height it is 'hoogte'.
The name of the matrix is 'duoprice'.
The code I use to get the right price is: $result=[$breedte][$hoogte].
This doesnot work, for there is no result.

Question is this: how can I make it work, what code do I have to use or what else is wrong in my calculator?
The (not) working calculator can be found here:



Re: get price from a matrix 16.05.2014 09:16


Code seems to be wrong:


You should add the 'variable' of the matrix before '[$breedte][$hoogte]' to get a value from matrix.

We published in our site a 'Matrix data' video at, where you can see how to use a matrix.

If you can´t get it working, please place a ticket in Helpdesk at Customer Area with calculator attached and we´ll take a look.

Moonsoft Team
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