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Copy of email send & remove form at results 18.04.2014 15:32


I have 2 questions:

1) is it possible to send me a copy (BCC) of the email that a user of my calculator sends to himself?
2) is it possible to remove the form on the page where you show the results?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Copy of email send & remove form at results 19.04.2014 10:04

there's no option to configure a blank copy, but you can introduce a code tweak at the function in charge of sending the email and force a blind copy to your preferred destination. Edit:


function getEnvioWrapper ,about line 667 you will find:

add this new line below:

About removing the form, you can get it adding a javascript instruction in order to hide input section. Go to your calculator configuration->javascript->executed after calculate execution, and add


This should do the work.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Copy of email send & remove form at results 22.04.2014 13:23

Thanks for your quick reply, it works perfectly!
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