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Calculator not working 21.10.2011 14:24


Published the module, but calculator button does nothing. Sent you attached how my page is showing.

Please, help.

Re: Calculator not working 21.10.2011 14:24


We try to simulate url Calc Builder calls but we get a strange result.

We write correct url but your site transforms it to a strange format,and send a 500 error.

Did you install any url rewriting component or plugin?
If you want, send us an user and password of administrator page and we can take a look at your site.

Thanks. Regards,
Moonsoft Team

Re: Calculator not working 21.10.2011 14:24


It is working now. You are right. The thing causing trouble was sef
component that was changing the urls. I turned the rewriting off for the
calcbuilder component and now it is working.

Thanks for the help.
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