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Order of entries - Header for Steps 28.08.2014 11:51


I am building my flow to get my customers to the right food for their animals.

Now I had an idea, but it seems not to be possible to include without programmers work.

For example:

My customer has a overweighted cat.
He chooses the flow "cat-food" then "adult cat" then "overweight" and so on.
After that, I present him a few products choosen for his fat cat.

But it would be nice to tell him some special things and tips how to deal with the overweight of the cat.

So I wish to create a page with some text to show as header when the customer selects "overweight" in the flow.

In the moment I can create the text - and I can show it when overweight has been choosen - but It's not possible to place a special Item on Top. That would be a nice feature.

...and if there are two texts to show as header, just place them both at the top, one after the other.

Re: Order of entries - Header for Steps 24.09.2014 15:20

no answer yet?!

Re: Order of entries - Header for Steps 24.09.2014 15:29

no, sorry, that is a very specific feature that it would require complex coding and we're not sure if it would be useful for a big amount of users, so its not included at the development list yet. We think in the meantime you can create an article with the information needed that you can set as solution, so it will be shown with the other solutions containing the information needed.

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Moonsoft Team
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