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Advisor looks nothing like tutorials? 07.02.2021 09:41

I dont understand, the tutorials look nice and easy, but when I go into the actual advisor I see nothing even close to what is in the tutorials, its almost as if I have a different version?

I see no icons, all I have is a New button, and when I click new I am presented with Main, Frontpage and PDF tabs, and thats it.

Your tutorials show me stuff I have not got or cant seem to see?

Re: Advisor looks nothing like tutorials? 08.02.2021 10:24

there are no limited or restricted versions of this product, what you have is the full component. The styles/look and feel of the menus or the buttons may have changed a bit since we created the tutorial, but all the options must be there. Once you create a new flow and save, the options related to steps/products and solutions must show at the top menu bar. Once you create a step and save, the menu button related to possible options should show...and so on. If you're not able to see all the menus please share the Joomla and Advisor versions you're using, we'll try to replicate here or ask you for more data if needed.

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team
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