ListManager migration Joomla3->Joomla4

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If you have a working installation of ListManager for Joomla3, the database structure needs to migrate in order to adapt to this new version.

Select 'import data from Joomla 3' button in order to launch the migration of one of your ListManager lists for Joomla 3

List Manager for Joomla 4

Select the list from the first option, choose a name for your new database table (please follow naming conventions), and select if this is a new migration, or if you need to continue importing records based on a previous migration of the same list.

When process finishes, you will have a new database table at your Joomla schema, that you can choose and configure as a new List Manager list following instructions from previous sections

ACL Settings: For Joomla 4, the extension allows to create several instances of the list working for the same database table, so for this version the acl settings can be configured using the default Joomla ACL (or any other extension for handling custom permissions you may have). From the List Manager configuration, you will create as many lists as you need (for example, one with edition rights and another one set as read-only). Then you can publish each list to be accesed by the proper Joomla group(s) using default Joomla manager, (for ex, the most simple way, restricting menu access to each option).

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