Creating new / editing database table

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ListManager will handle any of your database tables. If your list doesn't have a database table created yet, then you will have to create a new one as a first step of the configuration. You can skip this section and jump to 'Table configuration' section otherwise.

List Manager for Joomla 4

In order to access table creation, click at the main menu 'Create DB table'. Give it a name, and add as many columns as needed, together with their type. You can choose to create a column based on 5 different basic types, although you will be able to further customize their display when publishing data.

  • Text: basic text
  • Text Area: long text
  • Date: for storing date/datetime data
  • Number: Integer numbers
  • Number with decimals: Floating point numbers

Important note: you need to follow standard sql rules regarding table and column names. Allowed characters are letters a-z A-Z, digits 0-9, and underscore. The name must start with a letter, and there is also a list of reserved words you can't use here, you can check it at the link below the configuration field.

With your new table ready you can continue to the next section ' Create a new list' in order to create your List Manager for this table.

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