Launching XLSJuice XLSJuice released !

If you have a working spreadsheet you have a working webpage, no more coding and complex updates. We want to introduce our new tool that will do the hard work.

How XLSJuice works in 3 simple steps.

  • Build your form calculator at your spreadsheet
  • Upload the file to XLSJuice manager
  • You select the cells that will be user inputs.

The webpage is finished & working. You can share a direct url, or embed it inside any website or CMS

Go to XLSJuice webpage

What can I do with this tool?

We've built a tool able to make the translation automatically from an xlsx file to a working web page, including form creation, styles, charts and many other features. You can also include additional functions like pdf creation based on a docx template file, send emails with files attached, connect to external systems...etc. Any function can be added as a custom plugin.

You can share a direct live URL of the working page, and/or, include the widget inside your own website. If at anytime you need to upgrade your data, you only need to upload again the file.

Now we open the tool for everyone on a Saas model, you can check how it works and create a free trial account.

Try it for free

XLSJuice discount Exclusive Discount for Moonsoft users

If you already have a Moonsoft account, please ask for your reference code in case you get any paid plan at XLSJuice. It will give you a direct discount on the final price (applied forever to your subscription)