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This month we began working on the new versions for all our Magento extensions to migrate to new platform Magento 2.x. But some other news regarding Magento CMS are important this month, please read below!

Magento Security issue

Threatpost reported a story about a remote code execution vulnerability with Magento 2 Enterprise and Community software. Admin access is required to execute the exploit, so from Magento we've received this suggestion while the new version solving this issue is published in May:
Enforce the use of “Add Secret Key to URLs” to mitigate potential attacks. To turn on this feature:

  • 1. Logon to Merchant Site Admin URL (e.g., your
  • 2. Click on Stores > Configuration > ADVANCED > Admin > Security > Add Secret Key to URLs
  • 3. Select YES from the dropdown options
  • 4. Click on Save Config

We also share a link to read all detailed information about this issue:

Go to Threatpost information

New Magento Marketplace

Magento connect approaches its end of life, and no more extensions are now allowed to enter this site, although new versions of existing products can still be added. The new site for getting Magento extensions is Magento Marketplace. It will introduce a better search and navigation options for you to find the best solution, but it also includes a very important change for developers: the platform will retain a big % of developers profit.

What does this mean? Devs are now forced to choose if they will rise prices, or if they will reduce company margins. There will be intermediate solutions, but at this time is very important you check BOTH platforms before making a purchase. You may be saving some money if you compare prices between them.

Regarding Moonsoft extensions, they are not published yet at the new marketplace, so you can still get them at their default price at the Connect site.

We share the link to both sites so you can take a look

Go to Magento Connect

Go to Magento Marketplace

Joomla Calcbuider tutorials

We are (as time permits) adding new code tips at Calcbuilder tutorial sections, they will help to add cool features to your forms. If you're interested in getting information about how to build something you've seen in another form (being a Joomla page or any other), please contact us and we'll share how to add it to Calcbuilder configuration or maybe add a code tip tutorial to build it using the default extension.

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