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This tutorial is going to provide a small code tweak in order to have your XSL Price Calculator working with formulas in different languages. You may be working at your localhost with your excel installation and you're saving excel formulas using your locale language instead of English, so, you use 'ANZAHL' (in German) instead of 'COUNT' or 'PLANCHER' (in French) instead of 'FLOOR' when building your formulas.

You can use this configuration and still upload your excel sheet to your price calculator, but you need to configure your calculator backend in order to use the preferred language and have all formulas working. You need to use the 'php code before execution' tab and insert this line:

//Use German language

Of course you need to replace 'de' for your own locale to adjust the configuration (fr for French, it, ru, hu, nl, es...). If you're not sure how to configure your language you can use our customer's helpdesk and we'll help you to set the proper configuration, (or create a new translation, in case your locale is not one of the availables).

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