New on September

This month we upgraded List Manager for Joomla, CalcBuilder for Joomla, built a new framework for mobile development and also added new tutorials

CalcBuilder (Joomla)

We've adapted the store Cookies parameter to work with Joomla 3. Now you can configure your calculator to 'remember' user last execution even if he is not logged in at your site. Perfect for big forms !

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List Manager (Joomla)

We've added the filter type (broad/exact) to work with the column autofilters. You will be able to configure one filter per column able to search texts matching exactly your contents or looking for text parts.

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Mobile development

At Moonsoft we're always trying to improve our development processes, looking for the best quality and cutting down costs for our clients. We've just finished the build of a new internal framework based on Cordova/Phonegap, which will allow us to build mobile applications in a more efficient way. Using this new framework we are going to start the development of a new Android application that we expect to publish at Google play in the next months.


This month we've shared some code tips for Calcbuilder, at the tutorials you can learn how to access your user logged in data and to work with calculated dates.

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