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First of all you must install the component at your joomla backend.


Failed to load this file in server

This new version of the extension contains a heavy library, regarding pdf creation. Because of it's size, some servers reach the file size limit to upload the zip file, first step of installation. If this is your case, you can try a couple of alternate installation methods:

  • Upload the installer to a temp folder at your site, for example joomla/tmp. You should be able to navigate to the package file using url (www.yoursite.cm/temp/packagezip.zip. Now install using 'Install from URL' option of your extension manager. Type there the full url to the zip package and press install button.
  • Unzip the package to extract the content and upload them all to a temp folder on your server (by default joomla/tmp). Select 'Install from Directory' option from Extension Manager and select the folder where you previously uploaded the files.
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