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Once your records are properly loaded inside your list, you may want to make a copy of your data, and/or allow your users to export and store the information, so you have several options to achieve this:

From the back-end: Use 'export data to csv format' in order to download a csv file contaning the values for all your rows/columns.

From the front-end: You can enable different button options for your users to download/export your list information, you will find these switches at your menu or module configuration tab 'view options:

  • Excel/PDF/RTF export: Enable/Disable links to excel and/or pdf export. With these options always all records will be included at the output, regardeless of the filtered/serached data present at that moment at the front-end view.
  • Excel/PDF/RTF export:(Filtered) Enable/Disable links to excel and/or pdf export of actual data. Only records visible at front-end at the moment of export will be included at the output.
  • Show email field /filtered: Displays an input field to enter an email to send the list contents to. (Filtered) will send only displayed records at the time the information is sent.
  • Show print form: Will enable a button able to print the input/edit form.
  • Show print on detail: will enable a button at the detail view that will print the detail information.

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