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You have several ways to load records to your recently created list. You have the option to introduce data manually (from the backend or from the front-end form), or, load a set of existing records from different sources, you will find these options if you access the 'Manage Data' main option of your list:

  • Load data from CSV:

    You can configure here the delimiters of your csv (field separator/row separator) and paste at the text area all content to be loaded. The page will show you which is the order of the fields that you must follow to match your list field configuration.
    Notes: For fields typed 'option list', you should include the value to be inserted, not the name of the option.
    For filelds typed 'user', you should fill joomla ID of the user.
    For multivalued fields, separate values with a # character, this way: val1#val2#val3
  • Load data from SQL: When using SQL option, you must fill in the query to be executed. The results recovered will be inserted as new records of your list. You can use any sql valid and the preffix #__ to refer your database preffix. Data will be recovered from your query and inserted as new data of your List Manager list. Please note this is a 'one-way' action, data will be copied once and no further syncronization will occur.
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