Configuring the acl (permissions) table

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Click 'configure access control' option of your list in order to access to this page:
Here you can configure access rights for joomla groups to the list.

You can check if the different groups will have access to add new records to the list, delete them, and which columns will they be able to add/edit (they can be selected through 'all fields' option or filter which of them will be opened at the form).

For each group you can enable/disable permissions to access the detail form in any of its formats (default html, pdf, rtf)...and also the access to the bulk update option.

Be sure you save at least once this parameters before publishing your list for front-end management, and if you allow 'add' permission for one group, you should select at least one of the columns to allow for edition, in order to add records with some column filled

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