After selecting a title for your list and a general description you can access the 'fields' tab in order to configure your columns.

Click 'Add Field' for each of the columns you need to add to your list. For each column, you can configure:

General settings

Type settings

These parameters will hide/show depending on the field type you're selecting for this column.

Link to other list settings

This section will allow you to configure if the cell should behave as a link to another list, filtered with this field content. For example if you have a couple of lists, 'Suppliers' with contact data and 'Materials', and 'materials' list has a 'supplier' column, you can link the supplier name of the first list to the materials list, in order to show materials attached to that supplier.

How to load option values

For option list, multiple options... Values to be shown for selection can be filled manually, through a sql query, in case you want to recover dinamically values from some existing table at your database, or introducing data using csv format.

Key fields:

This section will allow you to configure if you want to set one or more columns as 'key' fields. This means records containing duplicated data for these columns will not be allowed.

In order to configure one field as 'key' just drag it from the 'fields' column list and drop it at the 'key fields' column list.