You can configure the following parameters for each of your calculators:

Upload files preferences
You should fill this configuration section if you plan to include an upload file field type to your calculator form. Here you can set:

Print preferences

Using this tab you can select exported pdf files orientation (portrait/landscape), and choose if you want to include the input and/or the output of the calculator for the document. Below you have available two extra html sections to include headers and footers. Both header and footer will be included when exporting to pdf or excel, and to email content as well.

Note: When including images inside the free html content, you should use absolute paths to ensure they show properly at the pdf or the email export. At both html editors you can configure free static content, and also include any variable (input,output, or intermediate result) of your calculator. In order to include these variables you only need to follow same syntax you use for the input or output layouts.

Email preferences/Mailchimp integration

At this tab you will configure if you want to send automatic emails when the calculator is launched. The content of the email will be the one configured at 'print' export preferences commented above, including input and/or output form, together with free text before or after them.

You can set several destinations for your email, typing the email addresses (semicolon separated) directly at the fields for 'To', 'CC', or 'BCC', and include emails inserted by users at the form, selecting the field where the email is collected at the combobox.

Mailchimp options

If you have a mailchimp account and you want to add automatically your users to any list, you can configure your API key and the list where you want to add the contact. Then you can select which fields should be sent for your new entry (fields containing the email, name and last name of your new user)