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Calculator configuration: Main settings

Header info This section only contains the Calculator name, and a description text you can introduce to clearly identify this calculator at the main... Continue reading

Calculator configuration: Form fields

The form fields will be the user inputs you will show at your front-end form. Type a name for your new field and click 'Add new field' button to add a new field to your calculator. It will show at... Continue reading

Calculator configuration: PHP Code

Inside this code area you will be able to specify the operations of your calculator in a manual way, using php valid syntax. This code area will be executed everytime frontend users click 'Calculate'... Continue reading

Calculator configuration: Javascript code

If you need to include any kind of script at your form, to perform additional dynamic actions, you can enter your script at javascript events tab. There you can place any javascript code needed, with... Continue reading

Calculator configuration: Spreadsheet

Creating Spreadsheet file You can use an excel with all your formulas of your calculator and to convert it to a working form on your site, you only need to configure a working spreadsheet that... Continue reading

Calculator configuration: Input form (Form Layout)

The form layout is set using the 'Form layout' option from the top toolbar. You will find an html editor for you to configure your preferred input view. You can freely add any html here, and you... Continue reading

Calculator configuration: Result (Exit Layout)

Once you have ready all your results, you only need to show them at the output section. If you go to 'exit layout' you will find again a html editor where you can introduce your output content. ... Continue reading

Calculator configuration: Print Preferences

PDF With these pdf settings you will set up the pdf export file that can be created with the calculator. Users will have available the download pdf link below the results once they have launched... Continue reading

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