Creating/Managing tables of your database

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If you have already your database tables created, you can skip this step. Please note you can also create your database tables from any other database manager, Table Manager will be able to handle any table present at your db schema, regardeless if it was created using Table Manager or not. In case you don't have the table created yet, you can create it at your database using csv formatted data:
Create table from csv
This option allows you to create a new database table according to your csv data. Configure your separators, and paste your csv data at the text area.

Pressing 'Check Fields' the section below will show the fields for you to enter the table name, and the column headers, with their preferred types. When everything is properly configured, click 'Create table', a new database table will be created and your csv data will be inserted at the table:

Once the table is created, you can add more data using csv format using the next option 'Add data to table from csv'. Choose your table at the database list, and add new csv data using your preferred delimiters:

Click 'Save&Close' to add new rows to the table.

Remove database table/delete all rows from table
In case you want to delete all table content, or the full table from your database, click 'Delete/Empty table' menu option. Choose the database table, and press remove to drop entire table from the database. Check the option 'only empty table data' to apply a delete rows action on the table keeping the table structure.
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