Advanced modules (form/filter/search/compare)

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  • Form module

    This module allows you to display an input form in order to add new records to any list from any other page of your website.
    Just configure the module selecting the destination list and the url you want to navigate to once the record is added (usually the main view of the list). It will display the 'form layout' you have configured for your list.
  • Search module

    This module prints the search textbox at any specific position. The search button will launch the search on every list present at the same page.
    You can configure the module to remove the default search box from the toolbar of the lists when enabled, to include/hide the search button and to show/hide the title before the search field.
  • Filter module

    This module shows the filter toolbar for the selected list. The filter will be applied if you place this module at the same page the destination list is published. You can choose if you want to hide the default filter toolbar from the top of the list.
  • Compare module (Shop/card layout)

    You can configure the popup window which will be a helper to compare records from your list. The comparator module will only be active when the card/shop layout is selected. In order to add a record to the comparator, user must drag the records from the main list to the comparator area:
    Records will be added to the comparator, and can be removed or full-displayed using 'expand' or 'remove' options for each one.
    When 'compare' link is clicked, the popup comparator will show the selected records as configured at the backend (vertical or horizontal layout).

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