How to publish your list

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Next step is to create a list manager module or a menu component that will work as frontend management. Go to Module Manager and create a new Module of type 'List Manager'. If you want to add a new component menu go to Menu an add a new one typed 'List Manager'. In addition to standard parameters (Title, position, access level...), you can set the following options:
Main options

  • Select list/view: Choose among your listings defined, or any of your views created for your lists
  • Items per page: Default value for pagination
  • Allow Changes: Selecting 'YES' will show at the page a full-functioning administration, with permissions to add, edit, and delete records of the list, only limited by the specific ACL configured for this list. 'No' will show the list of data without edition rights, where users can only search, order and export data. Configuring access level and user access control in combination with this parameter allows to define different pages accesing the same list but with different profiles (for ex. one administrator with full access introducing data and users consulting the table).
  • Autofilter: (static/dynamic). If you set the filters dynamic, they will rebuild themselves each time the filter is applied, showing only the remaining options available (emuling excel autofilter function)
  • Access control: 'Full' indicates that every record is available for all users. 'Only user records' displays to each user only their own records. 'See all/edit only user records' shows every record, but it allows editing only owned records of the actual user. For these last two options to apply, the list must include a column of type 'user' to store the records associated to joomla users.
View options

  • Theme/table properties:These options allow to configure the look of your list. You can select among a big set of different themes, that will style your list in a different way. You can also set some table properties like 'striped', 'border', 'condensed'...etc
  • Show Animation: Choose if you want to display your input form with a smooth effect. Disable this option if you face problems with html editor input field.
  • Show totals: Adds a new line at the end of the list, which will contain the result of the values for each numeric column defined. Each column will execute the operation configured at fields configuration.
  • Export all columns: With default value 'NO' export to pdf and excel will show only visible columns. If switched to 'YES', pdf and excel will include all defined columns for the table, visible or not.
  • Excel/PDF/RTF export: Enable/Disable links to excel and/or pdf export. With these options always all records will be included at the output, regardeless of the filtered/serached data present at that moment at the front-end view.
  • Excel/PDF/RTF export:(Filtered) Enable/Disable links to excel and/or pdf export of actual data. Only records visible at front-end at the moment of export will be included at the output.
  • Show email field /filtered): Displays an input field to enter an email to send the list contents to. (Filtered) will send only displayed records at the time the information is sent.
  • Show print form: Will enable a button able to print the input/edit form.
  • Show print on detail: will enable a button at the detail view that will print the detail information.
Search options

  • Searchable-Searchlink:Used with search plugin. If the list is marked 'searchable', the search plugin will search inside list manager table values to locate the list. Searchlink is the url you want to link to and show at the results if searching with joomla search module finds a value inside your list.

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