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If you need to include any kind of script at your form, to perform dynamic actions, you can enter your script at javascript events tab. There you can place any javascript code needed, with different sections to include the code:

  • Executed on loaded page: Code introduced here will be executed as soon as the page finishes loading. Use this to include code regarding initialization of data or events you need to assign/execute as soon as the calculator is shown.
  • Write directly in HTML page: This code will be directly inserted at your page. You can enter here any script (you should add the script tags), and also any other content, like some style classes (this time adding the style tags).
  • Javascript executed before calculate execution: This code will be attached to the calculate button, when the button is clicked all this code will be executed before submitting the form.
  • Javascript executed after calculate execution: This code will execute once the result has been displayed.
  • Javascript executed before reset execution: This code will be attached to the reset button, when clicked all this code will be executed before clearing the form.

You have some helpers available to handle input fields you have at your form. You will find some tips at the left panels explaining different predefined functions you can use.

Look for more tutorials where we will share some code tips regarding the main code or this js section in order to add complex functions to your form.

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