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Publishing the component

This is a basic step, just create a new menu item and select component table manager as its type, setting the list required at the basic parameters tab and you will have your front-end manager ready... Continue reading

Front end management

Your data table will be shown according to your back-end configuration. Users can use the tool bar and filters to search inside the records, use the pager to navigate through the record set,... Continue reading

Video Tutorials

This is a set of video tutorials showing how to build calculators using Calcbuilder and Calcbuilder extended. Build a calculator from excel-(CB extended) First... Continue reading

April 2016 Newsletter

New on April This month we upgraded Calc ... Continue reading

Use case: Create links dynamically using calculated column

At this tutorial we'll show how to configure a calculated column to create a working link to an url that is stored at that field. As a first step, we'll create a new database table that will... Continue reading

Calcbuilder extended: Price/qty calculator integrated in Hikashop product/use of CBPlugin

We are going to configure Calcbuilder extended to work inside a Hikashop product page. The input form for this case will be the one built with Hikashop custom fields, the calculator will use these... Continue reading

Calcbuilder extended:calculator integrated in Hikashop product:using and saving product parameters

Following with our last post which showed how to integrate a calculator inside a Hikashop product page using the CB Price Calculator plugin, this tutorial will explain how you can access to the... Continue reading

May 2016 Newsletter

New on May This month we upgraded Calc ... Continue reading

Working with sections: inputs and inline results

We're going to work with sections, which is a feature that allows users to add 'rows' of inputs/outputs dynamically to your form, we'll explain how to get the inputs from inside these sections so you... Continue reading

Calcbuilder extended + Virtuemart integration:calculator inside product page/use of CBforVM plugin

You can use your calculators to configure complex calculations for price depending on your product custom fields. We'll build an example of one product with two comboboxes, the combination of the... Continue reading

June 2016 Newsletter

New on June This month we upgraded Calc ... Continue reading

Code tip: Adding a google address field

With this code tip we'll show you how to transform a default text input field into a google helper field that will search valid addresses and show options while users are typing, as if they were... Continue reading

Code tip: Adding a google reCAPTCHA to your form

The calcbuilder form already includes an invisible spam filter to avoid robots from sending your calculator forms, but if you want to increase security you may want to add a google reCAPTCHA field.... Continue reading

July 2016 Newsletter

New on July This month we upgraded List ... Continue reading

Code tip: accesing Joomla user data

Sometimes our calculators are only available for logged in users. It's a good idea to show at the calculator form or results some data that we have already available, instead of asking again user... Continue reading

Code tip: Working with dates, sum 30 days, 10 working days ...

When you build quote calculators you may need to show automatically some dates relative to the date the calculator is executed. We'll learn how to use the JFactory Date class in order to get... Continue reading

September 2016 Newsletter

New on September This month we upgraded... Continue reading

October 2016 Newsletter

New on October This month we upgraded... Continue reading

Change excel locale

This tutorial is going to provide a small code tweak in order to have your XSL Price Calculator working with formulas in different languages. You may be working at your localhost with your excel... Continue reading

Using product attributes and configuration for calculation

We have already shown you how to use your product custom fields to use the selected values at your calculator. In some cases, you may also want to use some other data regarding the actual product,... Continue reading

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