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September 2016 Newsletter

New on September This month we upgraded... Continue reading

Using product attributes and configuration for calculation

We have already shown you how to use your product custom fields to use the selected values at your calculator. In some cases, you may also want to use some other data regarding the actual product,... Continue reading

Create a new list : Table configuration / Header

Once you have a database table able to store your data, the list manager creation is quite straightforward, you only need to click 'Add' at the main menu and introduce these... Continue reading

Table Configuration / Fields

From the Fields configuration page you will set up your fields/columns to be displayed. At the left bar you will see all the database columns, you can navigate through all of them in order to... Continue reading

Table Configuration / Display settings

Main options At this initial display configuration you can set general options for your list front-view: Default Order: you can add several columns and their default order... Continue reading

Table Configuration / Register action logs / Advanced

You may want to know the actions your users have performed with your list (records added, data modified, etc), or the searches that are launched. For this purpose you can enable at the advanced... Continue reading

History logs

History access This section will show action logs stored (as configured at the previous 'register action logs' section). Select one of the lists from the main page and click 'history... Continue reading

Export Data

This configuration refers to the global pdf export users can export from your whole (or filtered) list from the front-end. Here you can choose if you prefer a portrait or landscape orientation,... Continue reading

Publishing the front end manager

Once the table has been configured, it's time to publish at the front-end in order to give access to your users. They will be able to view, search, filter, or even add records and modify data... Continue reading

Removing tables

If you need to fully remove any table from your database (table structure together with all table data stored), you can select it from the main configuration page and click 'delete database table'.... Continue reading

Backend data view and options

Administrator can view stored data from the backend as well. Select one of your lists from the main view and click 'Manage data'. You will see the records already stored, with... Continue reading

TableManager migration Joomla3->Joomla4

No specific action is needed related to your database. As the table is already created, you only need to configure one ListManager list attached to this table. Configure its columns, the layout and... Continue reading

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