XLSJuice: The spreadsheet to web converter

We've been many years developing from scratch hundreds of online calculators for a huge set of different websites. An online calculator is a very powerful tool that will make your web visitors come back. Online quotes generate a great amount of business oportunities that usually become in real orders.

We realised almost all projects we received for development, were already working excel spreadsheets that required to be converted to code (html/js/php/java...etc) for each online website, each one with different structure and/or CMS(Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, Drupal..etc).

We have developed a new platform able to do all the coding work automatically. You have a working spreadsheet, so you upload the file, and the online page (and/or widget to be included inside any of your pages) is automatically generated.

All your data and calculations will be server-processed, so all your formulas, data, etc will be hidden from your users.

No coding needed, and if data changes (prices, formulas, etc), uploading the new spreadsheet will automatically republish the contents (live from that same instant).

You will have available a big set of ready to use plugins able to add cool features to your form (pdf generation, email, saving data, dynamic sections...etc)

Here a video explaining how to build a great online calculator within a couple of minutes:

You can check all the information about this project here: XLSJuice logo the spreadsheet to web converter

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