Slider Input


Slider input extension allows you to transform default comboboxes and text inputs into attractive slider fields.

  • Works for dropdown and text field custom fields
  • Different themes to adapt to your template look&feel

Demo site: click here to check working example

Magento versions 1.7 +

Moonsoft SliderInput - Configuration
First you would create your custom fields for your products the default way, selecting any of the suitable types to be converted to slider (dropdown or text field).
  • For dropdown: Just insert the list of available values like you would do for a normal configuration. These same values with the same order will be available to select with the slider
  • For textfield: Text fields will allow to create sliders with a specific range of values to select from. The range is configured using the 'maximum chars' parameter. Just introduce the range with this sintax: xxxxyyyy, where xxxx is the initial (minimum) value, and yyyy (always 4 digits) would be the maximum value allowed. So, for configuring a range from 1 to 10 you would insert 10010, from 150 to 2500 would be 1502500...etc

SliderInput screenshot
Once your custom fields are created you only need a final step to enable the slider type. Go to configuration->Slider input, and select the preferred theme, the fields you want to transform to slider, and save. You will find at the first list all dropdowns and at the second all text fields. You can select any number of fields of different products for applying the slider.
SliderInput screenshot
Front view. The fields you have selected will be converted to slider inputs at the front-end.
SliderInput screenshot

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General conditions

  • Unlimited domains
  • Use it FOREVER without limitation
  • 1 year of:
    • Downloads (full version & upgrades)
    • Forum support
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  • 10 days money back guarantee

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