CB Price calculator

CBPrice Calculator

This plugin allows to link a calculator result (built with calcbuilder extended) with the price of your hikashop products. Use your product custom fields values to build price calculations as complex as needed, you can use all math operators, ranges, use data matrix, databases, or even upload an excel file to perform the operations. The calculator will work on the background and will change the product price accordingly before passing to the checkout.

You can check general features of calcbuilder here

Joomla2.5 +

CB Price Calculator - Configuration
  • Create your calculator using calcbuilder extended. You will have available for your math the values of the custom fields you/your users entered for your product. Return the calculated price as $hk_calculatedprice=....; at your code
  • Install and enable the plugin
  • Go to your product configuration page and insert at the new field 'Calculator' the Id number of the calcbuilder calculator you want to attach to this product
  • Try your new price calculations

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